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Automatic Label Checker

Based on experiences and feedback from the food and labelling industries, MVT has developed a label checker to meet the food industry’s stringent requirements:

The continual drive from supermarkets for improved quality, 100% error free labelling and reduced costs is resulting on an increased burden on suppliers.

At Machine Vision Technology we are helping our customers to not only meet these demands but to also reduce unit costs via our automated label checking system.

Removing the need for the human element in label checking also enables you the customer to use end of line automation such as automatic case erection and packing, thereby further reducing the unit costs.

MVT has developed a label checker to meet the food industry’s stringent requirements


  • Eliminates operator error and enables operator-free end of line automation
  • Automatically detects incorrect labels, printing errors & poor quality print
  • Fast – typically 200 labels or 600 codes per minute on moving production lines
  • Easy to use windows interface
  • Factory proven rugged hardware and software
  • Stainless steel IP65/6 for harsh environments including food and pharmaceutical
  • Unbeatable benefit / cost ratio from a company with a proven track record.