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High Speed Code Reader

Verify codes in production with this high speed code reader. Ideally suited to reading cans, since it can read codes in any radial orientation.

The system is designed to read the recipe code of every item at line speed and take appropriate action on detection of bad items. The code can comprise up to five unique alpha and numeric characters.

This means it can be installed at any point on the line, typically after the ink jet head, product filling and or labelling. This ensures correct product identification.

The system can then include label reading, either bar codes or patterns, thus ensuring integrity of labels to product.

Features and benefits

  • “Can Speed” up to 1200 cans per minute
  • Auto reject incorrect codes
  • Floor mounted with line height variation adjustment
  • Comprehensive screen display including live images / last “bad” can
  • Simple product changeover (keyboard entry / or automatic from factory system)
  • Enclosures in stainless steel to food industry standards