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Software Systems

Not only can we develop vision applications fast, we use the industries leading software, built on layers of many years of machine vision software

For customers needing automated inspection for the factory floor or for other simple vision tasks without the need for programming, Machine Vision Technology supply a range of complete vision systems that are simple to install and set-up. These range from the simplest task oriented ‘Vision Appliances’ through to configurable vision systems capable of more involved vision applications. These vision systems all have very simple user interfaces that guide the user through the process of creating an inspection application.

Cognex – PatMax Tool for patterns, matching and sorting
If you are familiar with machine vision, you will know how difficult it can be to sort different parts, especially when the parts look similar, are touching or overlapping each other. PatMax can eliminate this confusion by using the tool to locate and accurately identify each part. Even if the appearances of the parts vary, reliable sorting is achieved every time and this with a single accept threshold for all different identified parts.

IPD Vision Appliance- Label alignment, placement and quality.
As part of a family of IPD Vision Appliance products, iLabel is an automated ‘Vision Appliance’ that rapidly checks the placement and quality of labels on bottles, boxes, cans and other rigid, packaged goods. The interface screens, which are customized for a label inspection process, enable you to specify areas to inspect, define tolerances for position and rotation, and set thresholds to pass, recycle or fail the label. When these simple steps are done, iLabel uses a proprietary neural net technology to automatically learn what a good label looks like. Once trained, all of these parameters can be saved on the Vision Appliance, or on a network, so that the same inspection solution can be used across multiple manufacturing lines.

These vision systems all have very simple user interfaces that guide the user through the process of creating an inspection application.


Sherlock is a vision application software development environment that simplifies the creation and deployment of a wide variety of machine vision tasks including inspection, packaging, tracking and quality control. Sherlock is available in two versions to support your individual application needs and budget.

Sherlock Essential contains the commonly used machine vision features. Sherlock Professional contains our full suite of machine vision software tools.

There is a huge menu of capabilities to meet your needs:

  • Pattern recognition
  • Image analysis
  • Measurement and gauging
  • Regions of interest-line, arc, circle, rectangle, point, and spoke.
  • In line scripting and landmark
  • Image recording and Playback
  • And others