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Vision systems in the Printing Industry

The printing industry is a natural home for vision systems; high speed lines can take advantage of ever-faster processing speeds allowing on-line inspection. MVT has been involved in the use of vision systems for print verification and optical character recognition (OCR) in numerous industries.

Vision systems are able to perform print verification, which may incorporate optical character verification (OCV), and is usually a high speed process with applications to inkjet, laser, pad and screen printing processes. Typical installations are checking print quality, sometimes in conjunction with a changeable target, for example serial numbers. Installation usually requires a ‘linescan’ camera. This has a single row of pixels and takes advantage of the movement of the line to build up an image. In this way, camera installations take up minimal space on the line.

Print verification techniques can be applied to other fields such as printed circuit boards and automated assembly processes.

MVT are happy to provide trials and to discuss customer requirements to ensure that the final system meets all of the job specification.