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Tablet Inspection – for Pharmaceutical Industry

We can implement Quality Control of surface defects such as cracks and chips. For transparent capsules, or soft gel type, we can also check for bubbles and contamination. We have the ability to confirm the presence of logos and dosage values, including the presence and position of drug release holes. All this prevents accidental product mixing, or incorrectly marked or faulty product reaching your customer.

Hardware and Software Specification.

The specification of a tablet inspection system is as follows:

  • A 600mm diameter bowl feeder in Stainless Steel and a variable speed controller.
  • A speed of 800 – 1000 tablets per minute
  • Outputs onto a conveyor with a reject sort facility.
  • With up to four double speed progressive scan cameras and lighting mounted along the conveyor.
  • A high speed P.C. with a 17 inch LCD display mounted in a S.S. enclosure.
  • The system is designed to Pharmaceutical standards
  • The software complies with FDA requirements, all documentation is to CFR 21 pt 11, with the fully validated version option.

Vision Tablet System Ability

The vision tablet system abilities include:

  • Can check both flat and convex tablets
  • Presence and quality check of multiple characters stamped in both surfaces using OCV (Optical Character Verification)
  • Check for surface defects such as chips, protrusions and bubbles
  • Check the top / bottom face plus the two sides and as much as the ends as possible.
  • The length of a capsule or tablet can be up to a maximum of 27mm.
  • The maximum tablet or capsule width, or maximum diameter for a round tablet, is 15mm with 5 mm as the minimum.

All our tablet inspection systems come with installation and on site commissioning, then twelve months warranty. This includes telephone and on site support.